St Paul's College: The History

St Paul's College was founded in 1954 by Jane Anne Chinton. For many years the school operated out of a house located on O'Higgins 996, Hurlingham. Miss Chinton named the school after St Paul's Cathedral in London, England, where she was baptized.

put description hereSt Paul's was a primary school, teaching Spanish in the morning and English in the afternoon. Forty students were enrolled in the first year and by 1976 the register had reached one hundred and twenty five. As there was no dining hall or kiosk at the school, students would either return home for lunch or simply cross the street for some home cooking at Mrs Storey's house.
In those days, the school emblem was an “Ombu”, in reference to the large tree that dominated the play area. As for sports, students would simply play football in the playground.

In 1976, Miss Chinton decided to retire, but it was her wish that the school should continue and not be dissolved. Mr Luis Calliari and his wife, Elizabeth, both teachers at the time decided to take on the challenge. At the same time they renamed the "El Bosque" Kindergarten, which they started in 1975, to "El Bosque de San Pablo".

In December of 1977 the house on Garay 950 was acquired, which adjoined “El Bosque de San Pablo”, and the school was moved to this location. The school logo was also changed to a double-headed eagle, with the motto: “The pursuit of excellence”.

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In 1978, the Secondary school was started with current students from 7th grade, thereby completing the three school cycles.
In July 1995, a fire destroyed the school's main English-style house. For the rest of the year, classes continued to be held in those parts of the building which had not been reached by the fire. The administration offices were also moved to a house adjoining the school, which had been acquired years earlier with a view to future expansion.
The current school building was then constructed during the summer holidays and in the intervening years the Kindergarten was expanded, a large dining hall was built, and more Secondary classrooms were added.

To this day the school continues to grow, not only in terms of its infrastructure, but also in the number of students enrolled and the quality of education.

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