Why Choose St Paul's?

Why Choose St Paul's?

Academic Excellence
High exam results and excellent academic achievements reflect the quality of education.

Bilingual Education
Students start learning English from an early age and continue through to Secondary, with an integrated bilingual programme.

Comprehensive Education
All inclusive education with many subjects taught by specialist teachers. In Secondary, there is a focus on the Natural Sciences, in a programme which gives students a step up in gaining entry into top universities.

International Certification
In addition to receiving the “Título Nacional Polimodal Bilingüe en Ciencias Naturales”, students also receive the Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE), the Cambridge Advanced Certificate of Education (AICE) and the French Language Diploma (DELF).

Academic Assistance
Students may receive extra support in the form of workshops, class helpers and extra English lessons.

Individual and Group Care
Personal and emotional support is provided to students by school counsellors and staff.

Information Technology
Information Technology is viewed as an integral part of a student's education, and a wide variety of skills are taught, starting in Kindergarten.

Great importance is placed on “fair play” and a belief that sport is for all students, not just those who excel.

Cultural Activities
Exposure from an early age to the arts, music and drama.

Educational Trips
Camping and study trips provide an opportunity for learning outside the classroom, and allow students to visit different regions of the country.

Community Service
Students are encouraged to develop a sense of community and the school is involved in various community projects.

Environmental Awareness
The school has a "green" programme in which students learn about recycling, energy conservation, agronomy and environmental issues.

High level of success achieved by former students, both at university and in the workplace.

The school has agreements with UCEMA, San Andrés, UADE, Austral, and UCA.

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