Primary Education

The Primary School provides children with a broad curriculum and a solid foundation in the English language, in an environment where they can grow and develop intellectually, socially and emotionally to their full potential.

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Classes are all day: Spanish in the morning and English in the afternoon.

Computing: taught in conjunction with other subjects by a computing teacher alongside the subject teacher.

Special subjects: taught by subject teachers, these include Music, Music Appreciation, Art, Art Appreciation and Physical Education.

Sports: the school is a founding member of ADE. Students participate in a variety of sporting activities including rugby, hockey, gymnastics, cross-country, softball and football.

Drama: lessons are given in improvised drama, to encourage students to make use of their oral English.

Eduational trips: students go on camping trips, museum visits and other educational excursions.

Oral exams: students in 3rd and 6th grade are evaluated by teachers from Trinity College, London for their level of oral English. The exams are optional for 3rd grade but compulsory for 6th grade.

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